Online Training Programs

TS has created an app-based workout program to service clients that are not geographically able to make it to our NYC based studio on a consistent basis. You can even access the program via your phone!

Programs are based on goals, equipment available, time and fitness level. Don't get stuck doing those cookie cutter online workouts; our program is built for you.
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Virtual Training Programs

In addition to our app-based program, we also offer virtual video training with our coaches. These 30-minute Skype or FaceTime workouts done with your own coach.

Email so we can learn about your goals and tell you more about our remote and digital training programs.


During these challenging times, we know the importance of continuing routines and the benefits of exercise on mental health. We’re dedicated to support our clients’ holistic health goals. While we may not have a studio that is full currently of athletes, we still have an amazing community that is working out together.

We are offering small group training via Zoom! Work out LIVE with your favorite coaches. We are able to correct form, modify workouts on the fly, and provide the same community support that you’ve come to expect at TS Fitness.

Virtual classes are free for active members. The best thing about virtual classes means that our community just got so much larger. For our greater community, sessions are $15 or you can purchase a weekly pass for $59.

Virtual and Online Success Stories


“It was wonderful to see that I could maintain a piece of my healthy routine from back home, while being so far away"— Cristina Goyanes

"In all my years traveling for work and pleasure, I have never successfully stuck to a workout routine while on the road. I was determined not to lose my fitness gains, earned at TS, during my summer abroad in Europe. I asked Noam to create a realistic plan for me that I could do for 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week, with little to no equipment. He put together a smart, and challenging bodyweight and bands workout that I was able to complete on my terrace three times a week during my month-long stay in Porto, Portugal.
The accountability of this travel program was exact what I needed. Noam sent me weekly (and sometimes daily) words of encouragement, which I found incredibly helpful and heartwarming.Ultimately, this travel program allowed me to maintain my fitness, and eliminate guilt for eating out every single meal. It was wonderful to see that I could maintain a piece of my healthy routine from back home while being so far away. I'm very grateful for Noam's attentiveness, dedication, and encouragement throughout. I would certainly invest in this travel plan for my next trip!
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